Looking to Buy a Car

In an attempt to avoid the total crap shoot that is craigslist, I come to you. My hopes are that you will have a great car you are looking to sell and an interest in not screwing me over. Doesn't sound like you? What about your friends, your family? Here's what I'm looking for:

* $2200 or less
* mid-90's Japanese car (Toyota, Honda, Subaru, Nissan, Mazda, pretty much in that order, would consider volvo too)
* Less than 200k miles

Things that don't particularly matter: AT or 5-speed, 4 or 2 door (though looking for smaller car rather than truck or SUV)

For the right car, I'd be willing to compromise on 1 or more of my criteria (certain Toyotas, for example, I'd consider even with high miles). I'm well aware that I'm asking a lot for a little but I think it's out there.


Email me at andthereiwas.at.gmail.com
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Thought I'd blow the dust off this com and make an informative post about its status, pretty much for those that might stumble in looking for a good Portland com.

One exists. Specifically, damnportlanders (or "DP"), which has been around since before time. This com was created a few years ago as a result of a moderator policy in DP that many disagreed with ... so, four of us got together and founded this community as an alternative. My friend Mike was one. I was another.

Since then, the mod team (and policy) of DP changed, and whatever actual issue inspired the schism in the first place either vanished, or wasn't important anymore, and activity in this com dwindled as the users went back to DP.

For unrelated reasons, Mike left LJ. Then his account was hacked, and the hacker removed the rest of us as mods. Mike later got back into his account, but then deleted it, since the hacker had apparently removed most of his old entries. The com existed without a mod for quite awhile, but no one really minded: there was minimal traffic, and the other two founders also became inactive on LJ.

Recently I got the LJ team to reinstate me as mod here, pretty much just so someone could remove spam entries (which I just did). Which brings us up to date.

So. Looking for a good Portland com? Try DP. There are a ton of people there, more so than any other Portland com on LJ, and in general we're pretty helpful, although snarky.

The end.
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Grey-and-White Tabby Needs Home

My wife and I are moving from the United States to Saipan in three weeks. (I am the only man in America who just got a teaching job. The problem is it's not in America!) We are looking into quarantining one of our two cats, whom we have had for eight years. We very much need to find a new home for the other, whom we just got last year (August 3, in fact). He's a grey-and-white tabby, short haired, with cute white paws, named Kalamazoo ("Zoo-Zoo").

Zoo-Zoo is affectionate, playful, and smart. He is neutered.

These pictures are from last year, when he was a kitten. He is still handsome.

Someone please give him a home, because our local Humane Society and Cat Adoption Team have waiting lists months long and I have to be on Saipan on September 1!

The Cat Adoption Team said, "We apologize that we are unable to take your cat, but as I am sure you can understand, there are so many folks who are unable to keep their cats due to moving and the economy we just don't have room right now like we would like to."

Before you decide we waited too long to find him a home, please know that we didn't know we were moving to Saipan until now.

Before you fault us for taking one cat and not the other (or anything else, really), please give Zoo-Zoo a new home.


EnzymePDX - a new news source for Portland!

Tomorrow (7/20/10) is the official launch day of the new online news source: EnzymePDX. EnzymePDX will cover a wide array of topics that are important to people living in and around Portland, focusing on current events, biking, technology, the environment, urban living, fine arts and sustainability. We're striving to create an online presence that informs, but also embraces our readers to share thoughts and experiences and to become part of the overall Portland community.

I am the staff videographer, and I'll be producing all the video packages that will be shown online. The website goes live tomorrow, but our enzymepdx LJ group is currently open to receiving members. Our corporate site is Enzyme Media and you can find some information about us there.
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Multnomah County Commissioner Disctrict 2 candidate forum!

Oregon Action is hosting a candidate forum for the Multnomah County Commissioner seat in District 2!

Tuesday April 27
5:30 to 6:45
5431 NE 20th Avenue
Portland, OR 97211

Come listen to Carol Kollymore,Chuck Currie, Loretta Smith, Paul Van Orden, & Maria Rubio talk about issues ranging from gentrification to jail management to crisis mental health services for people who call the police in distress.

Oregon Action leaders will ask questions of the candidates and facilitate audience question and answer.

Join us to hear from the candidates!

(FYI, District 2 is made up of North Portland and some of NE Portland; see a map of county districts here.)
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Anyone know where I can find plain yellow Plochmann's mustard? Albertson's used to have it, now they don't. It's the only mustard I actually like.