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Grey-and-White Tabby Needs Home 
6th-Aug-2010 11:09 am
writing on a plane

My wife and I are moving from the United States to Saipan in three weeks. (I am the only man in America who just got a teaching job. The problem is it's not in America!) We are looking into quarantining one of our two cats, whom we have had for eight years. We very much need to find a new home for the other, whom we just got last year (August 3, in fact). He's a grey-and-white tabby, short haired, with cute white paws, named Kalamazoo ("Zoo-Zoo").

Zoo-Zoo is affectionate, playful, and smart. He is neutered.

These pictures are from last year, when he was a kitten. He is still handsome.

Someone please give him a home, because our local Humane Society and Cat Adoption Team have waiting lists months long and I have to be on Saipan on September 1!

The Cat Adoption Team said, "We apologize that we are unable to take your cat, but as I am sure you can understand, there are so many folks who are unable to keep their cats due to moving and the economy we just don't have room right now like we would like to."

Before you decide we waited too long to find him a home, please know that we didn't know we were moving to Saipan until now.

Before you fault us for taking one cat and not the other (or anything else, really), please give Zoo-Zoo a new home.

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